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Bullying is OK if you do it in the name of Jesus

It is a well-known , sad-but-true irony that most wars have been fought in the name of religion.  The same judgmental tendencies which armed the righteous on battlefields are now playing themselves out in Tennessee courtrooms.  There,  members of the Family Action Council of Tennessee ( FACT )  seek exemption from any ‘bullying’ laws that seek protections for, or educational initiatives designed to insure tolerance of, individuals who express  LGBT identities.  Legal locus is shifted to attributes of the victims, as opposed to the behaviors of the bullies.

‘All men are created equal’, when written, referred only to white men—legally.  Men of any other race were not fully human ( and women were an entirely different story).  Now it seems FACT wants to courts to acknowledge that men (and women) of all races are equal under the law, but not men (women) of all sexual persuasions.  They are not entitled to protection in the pursuit of happiness—and their life and liberty may be at stake as well.